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School Flooring

Admittedly, flooring in schools and child care centres come in a variety of designs and colors but beauty is definately not the only factor. Safety first, of course, it must be comfortable for the children and it also needs to be longwearing and durable. People say that the best quality control tests in the world are those using children because you can rest assured that if there is a fault to find, a five year old will find it.

Most of the factors relating to school flooring is straight forward common sense but a Vulcan flooring representative will be happy to guide you through the process.

· It has to be durable and, if a piece does get worn down, you need to be able to replace the piece instead of the entire floor.

· Interior design: The flooring should compliment the rest of the room

· Aesthetics: It should assist in providing a pleasing environment

· Health: The flooring you choose should be such that it is easy to clean so that dust and bacteria cannot find a place to call home.

· Safety: Impact-tolerant, reliable quality flooring is a primary issue in educational facilities

Kindergarten flooring

Kindergarten flooring needs to be fun, colourful, and extremely durable. It also needs to be able to deal with kids tripping over, and provide a safe surface for play and learning. This means a good, tough, dense carpet design which includes both enjoyable environmental features and practical safeguards against any accidents.
It goes without saying that kindergarten flooring has to be fun and colorful as this aids the learning process. It has to be safe ensuring that there are no loose ends where children and trip over and fall and it must be heavy duty enough to face the abuse.

Design considerations for schools

Flooring design is directly related to functional usage. A normal classroom may need a custom design, a biology room may require different materials to deal with its functions, but the same basic design concept. A library might want its own colour scheme, with a quiet, appropriate design logo or pattern.