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Flooring Installers in and around Farnham

Farnham has an approximate population of about 38000 and most of the businesses in the area employ less than 10 people. Why is it then that Vulcan Flooring gets so many enquiries from this part of the country?

The answer is quite simple. Farnham is proud of its historical heritage with some of its buildings dating back to the 12th century. Its no wonder that the people here would want to stay with the traditional look and feel of real wood flooring.

Premier hardwood hardwood floor installers which offer long term gaurantees like Vulcan are short in supply and to make sure that their investment is going to last a lifetime (and longer) these villagers would rather spend an extra few pounds and use only the best.

As recognised flooring contractors, Vulcan has been supporting communities like this for more than seven years. With other internationally recognised clients like Wellington College and Eagle House school it is not surprising that we are asked to quote on jobs were top quality is the major concern.