DONT lay Anti Static Flooring Without Professional Help. It will Cost You A Fortune!

ESD Floor
(Anti Static Flooring)

Anti Static Flooring (ESD) is a specialist floor covering and Vulcan Flooring are experts in the supply and installation of ESD flooring for a vast spectrum of applications.

Probably the most common use for ESD is its use in the electronic and healthcare industries where static electricity build up can cause critical damage. Installing an ESD floor to protect your expensive electronic equipment should not be a 'nice to have' but rather be a common sense decision as the long term benefits definitely become more prominent against the short term budget.

Anti static floor coverings are available in many colours, are very easy to maintain, are suitable for high traffic areas and are extremely flexible. They assist wonderfully with energy saving under floor heating and their composition makes them resistant to resins used in laboratories.

The correct installation of ESD floors is of paramount importance and Vulcan Flooring is fully certified by the various manufacturers.

The seamless hygienic flooring reduces bacteria build up by eliminating joints and cracks where dirt and living organisms can accumulate.

An ESD Floor can commonly be found in:

  • IT departments
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Antimicrobial kitchen, canteen or catering flooring
  • Slip resistant corridor flooring.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and laboratories.
  • Healthcare facilities (Hospital operating theatres)
  • Nursing homes.

A Vulcan Flooring representative will be able to advise you on the best type of Anti Static Mats to install as well as make sure that they are properly fitted to the manufacturers specifications.