Expert Installers of 'Ultra Quiet' Acoustic Flooring in a Variety of Modern Colors and Designs.

Installers of Commercial Acoustic Flooring

Peace and quite in a school, healthcare or commercial environment is an essential requirement. The obvious purpose of acoustic flooring is the effective reduction of sound inside a building and the noise is quite simply stopped at the source. Although effective in its own right, when combined with other acoustic products such as wall and ceiling panels one can create a virtually noise free environment.

Acoustic floor coverings can be used almost any indoor area:

  • Apartment blocks.
  • Schools.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Healthcare facilities.
  • General public buildings.
  • Libraries
  • Heavy commercial areas.

Ergonomically, the underfoot comfort provided by this type of flooring makes it ideal for workstations such as shops and serving points.

Polysafe Wood FX Acoustic