Want a carpet installer for the perfect commercial or domestic flooring result. Look No Further.

Carpet Installation

As commercial carpet fitters, Vulcan takes pride in only supplying the most durable and long lasting carpets.Nothing gives a more luxurious feeling to an office than a thick carpet but commercial areas have a lot of pedestrian traffic and if your carpets quality is poor then your office will start looking shabby in no time.

Professional and Commercial Carpet Fitters

Vulcan has been installing commercial carpets in office complexes, schools, colleges, doctors rooms and many other business premises where a warm welcome is important to both staff and visitors alike. Our range is vast

Carpet Tiles

There are a great number of reasons why you could consider using commercial carpet tiles instead of standard carpeting for your business. Possibly one of the most popular reasons is that carpet tiles are modular and due to this damaged sections can be replaced without the need to replace the entire carpet. This type of floor covering is also ideal where access to subflooring is required.

Custom Carpets

Have you ever been into a large office or commercial area where the carpet doesn't look like it has any seems? Ever wonder how this is done? Vulcan has access to some of the best custom carpet manufacturers in the world and because of this we can provide you with a bespoke carpet in the color of your choice to fit literally any size.