Stylish and Heavy Duty. Our Fitters Will Ensure That You Get The Perfect Finish.

Commercial and Domestic Carpets

Vulcan Flooring provides a wide range of carpets to suit every commercial and residential application. Our expert carpet fitters are trained to ensure that quality workmanship is guaranteed. Unlike our competitors that have hundreds of carpet colours and fabrics to choose from on their website, we at Vulcan believe that you should physically see the carpet for yourself before making a buying decision. This is why we will come to you and find out exactly what you are looking for before offering any advice

Broadloom Carpets

Just because you are in a business environment, it doesn't mean that you cannot have the same high quality, luxury flooring that you would find at home. Our relationships with some of the leading broadloom carpet manufacturers in the world guarantee that we will be able to custom create something especially for you.

Whether you are in a large office complex, a school, college or any other business environment, the broad, seemless sections of carpet will ensure that there are limited edges which can become damaged over time.

Carpet tiles often replace traditional carpets in many commercial applications. The ability to replace only damaged tiles without the need to install and entirely new carpet makes this a very cost effective flooring solution.

Vulcan flooring are expert commercial flooring contractors and we guar with particular expertise in school flooring and gym flooring, and we guarantee that we will find the perfect solution for you. Give us a call today and let one of our professionals come and see you.